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    2. Production regulations will tighten the regulation of production of hazardous chemicals

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      It is understood that the revised draft on the basis of the "Regulations on the Management of Hazardous Chemicals", to regulate the dangerous chemicals, flammable and explosive materials and other dangerous goods, to make more stringent and detailed provisions, to further clarify the responsibilities of enterprises and the government.

      First, it is stipulated that it is not allowed to build, rebuild or expand the production and storage of inflammable and explosive materials and dangerous chemicals in urban densely populated areas.

      Second, buildings and structures shall not be built within the distances of dangerous areas such as major dangerous sources, high-voltage transmission lines, dangerous goods pipelines, chemical parks, mines, tailings ponds, and goafs.

      Third, the location of the chemical park should be in line with the local urban and rural planning, and requires that new hazardous chemicals production projects should enter the chemical park.

      Fourth, it is necessary to strengthen source management. The urban and rural planning authorities of local people's governments at or above the county level shall not approve the construction, reconstruction or expansion of production and storage of inflammable and explosive materials, hazardous chemical factories and warehouses in urban densely populated areas; Construction, buildings and structures shall not be approved within the distances of railways, high-voltage transmission lines and dangerous goods pipelines.

      The fifth is to clarify that related projects that have been built in urban densely populated areas should be included in the transformation plan and gradually moved out or transferred. The completed buildings and structures that do not meet the distance requirements should be demolished according to law or other safeguard measures.

      The sixth is to clarify the contents of the emergency rescue plan for the production, operation and storage of dangerous goods.

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